Daily Dose of iQ: Personalized Marketing Can Be 'Cool or Creepy'

Jul 13, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Mobile Marketing today published an article about a Rich Relevance consumer study (from May 2015), which identifies how personalized marketing can be interpreted as either "cool" or "creepy." And of course, the line between the two can be fine.

Adding to the fun, Rich Relevance put together a fun, interactive infographic that allows you to slide across from "cool" to "creepy," on a horizontal scale. (Example screenshots are above and below.)

Not surprisingly, a 'creepy' personalized marketing feels more invasive than helpful.

Study highlights include:

  • Scanning a product on your mobile device to reveal product reviews and recommendations for similar/complementary items. (76% of respondents called this "cool.")
  • Viewing an interactive map on your mobile phone, identifying where items are located and charting your most efficient path through the store. (69% consider this "cool.")
  • Facial recognition technology identifies you as a high-value shopper and relays this information to a salesperson. (75% consider this creepy.")
  • A salesperson greets you by name when you enter a store because your mobile phone signals you've arrived. (74% consider this "creepy.")
  • A salesperson unlocks the dressing room door before you arrive based on your detected location within the store. (62% consider this "creepy.")

“Shoppers want digital personalization when they are ready to engage,” said Diane Kegley, CMO of RichRelevance, in a release. “They may not be ready for personalized messages the moment they walk in the door or even when they hit the dressing room, but our survey suggests they welcome relevant information and promotions when they are making a purchase decision.”

Topics: Privacy, Mobile Industry, Retail Marketing

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