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CES 2018: The Year the Lights Went Out

Another year of the tech conference has passed and it's true that CES got off to a bit of a rough start; Las Vegas had a record amount of rainfall on January 10, which made trekking to different show halls and meetings a bit treacherous.

While CES wasn’t without its fair share of controversies, from an all-male keynote speaker list to the loss of power at the Las Vegas Convention Center, there were a few significant technology trends that emerged from the show. Here are 3 of the top trends that emerged during CES 2018.

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A Year In Review: Channel, Community, and Collaboration

The following is a guest blog by Service & Repair industry expert, Michelle James.

Looking back, which I only do as a reflection of key learnings, in my mind’s eye, 2017 marks a “beginning.”  A time where the wireless repair industry began to notably move from an industry segment resembling the wild, wild west to an industry segment that more closely resembles organized maturity.  As with any emerging industry, there were a few bumps, challenges and moments of celebration.  I am proud to report that finally, I can see a change in the tides.  The sea is starting to rise in concert.  The industry is beginning to accept that device repair is not a temporary channel. It is a real consumer category. Most professionals in the reverse logistics space would agree it is not going away anytime soon.  The time to grow with it is now.

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How Can New Wireless Companies Still Compete?

The wireless retail market gets more crowded all the time. In 2017, Comcast entered the scene with its new Xfinity Mobile offering, creating ripples across the industry as other major telecommunications companies followed suit. On a smaller scale, hundreds of independent stores, chain expansions, and new carriers opened throughout North America last year. That leads to an obvious question: how can new companies compete in a saturated market with a number of well-established players? There may be no easy answer, but there are a number of strategies that can help upstart wireless companies gain an edge.

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5 Local Marketing Ideals Retailers Can Try on a Budget

Being a small, local retailer is both good and challenging. It’s good because it means that you have a built-in community of potential shoppers, whether they’re walking by your store or seeing you in person at the local pharmacy. The challenge is, without a corporation behind you, you likely have a small budget to attract new shoppers with marketing.

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Future Trends in Wireless Retail

Customers are humans and they want to have a relationship with other humans that they can rely on and trust. Successful brands, rather than bombarding us with ads and promotions, are shifting their mindsets along these lines showing their human faces and qualities.

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Can We Stop Talking About the Retail Apocalypse Yet?

Has your local mall been boarded up yet? Not a store left open, tumbleweeds blowing across the empty, cracked parking lot? Isn’t Amazon forcing all the malls to close down?

Oh... you were just there yesterday and struggled to find a parking spot? We had a feeling that might be the case. See, despite all the talk, the great retail apocalypse just isn’t the doomsday some analysts expected.

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3 Ways to Double Your Sales in 2018

Sales is a numbers game. Do you have your best players on the field? 

Statflo, an iQmetrix integrated partner, has been working away on this problem for you and they have found the answer in 3 simple steps.

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5 Strategies for Delivering a Seamless Customer Experience

If you keep hearing about the wonders of omnichannel marketing but fear that as a small retailer, it's not for you... think again. When you want to create the simplest, most seamless experience for your buyers, you can take a nod from omnichannel marketing and apply the tools and strategies to maximize your customer’s interaction.

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6 E-Commerce Trends That Will Take 2018 By Storm

This just in: the internet is not a fad.

The warnings were shouted loudly — that the world wide web wasn’t here to stay and online shopping addictions would disappear slowly, but surely. Well, the naysayers were no Nostradamus and consumers didn’t get the memo since 79% of Americans make purchases online. With the new year right around the corner, what can we expect in 2018 from the bigger and stronger e-commerce?

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How Wireless Retailers Can Make Customers Feel Heard

In a highly competitive sector like wireless retail, every advantage matters. And while it's important to focus on price points, omnichannel campaigns, and visual merchandising tactics, the customer experience is the primary driver of success. Wireless retailers who excel at making customers feel heard and understood in the sales experience are able to cultivate the largest number of loyal customers. Bringing the consumer into the conversation—and acting on their feedback—will help set you apart from the competition.

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How Retailers Can Beat the Post-Holiday Blues

The holiday season is one of the busiest shopping periods of the year and undoubtedly results in a huge boost to retailers' bottom line. It is also often an unpredictable, chaotic, and overwhelming time. As a result, the period right after the holidays can be both a bit of a let-down and a huge relief for retailers.

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4 Reasons to Become an Omnichannel Business in 2018

The holiday season is in full swing, the busiest time of year for retail. In a few short weeks, when it all calms down, businesses will reflect on the successes and failures of the year and begin to plan ahead. As you look to create your 2018 business priorities, consider these 4 reasons to become an omnichannel business.

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Why Should You Attend CES

The end of each year, while a time to reminisce and celebrate, is also a time to start planning for what’s next. What better way to start 2018 off with a bang than by attending one of the largest conferences on consumer technologies. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) brings over 170,000+ industry professionals from 150+ countries for a week of learning and networking. Here are 3 (of the many) reasons that you should make sure that CES is on your tradeshow list for 2018.

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