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How In-Store Technologies Will Help You Keep the Lights On

Think of in-store retail technology as electricity in your home. It has little value on its own, but when combined with other elements, it can have a huge impact on your life—or in this case, your business.

Say Watt? It's true!

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Community Retailing: The End of Passive Retail

The following is a guest blog post by wireless industry consultant and expert, Bob Lafon.

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6 Signs That You Should Integrate iQmetrix with Your eCommerce Platform

The following is a guest contribution by nChannel Marketing Analyst Jillian Hufford. 

All growing merchants experience growing pains. You can’t keep up with incoming customer orders and inventory doesn’t stay up to date fast enough. Eventually, your manual processes cause more errors than you can keep up with. This is even harder to manage when you’re selling both in-store and online.

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Love It or Leave It: What Shoppers Really Think About Retail Technology

We all know that technology is playing a huge roll in the ever-changing retail landscape.

In my last blog, The Death of Boring Retail, I detailed the changing retail landscape and the need to create a more immersive shopping experience importance for retailers. I focused on the fact that it was not retail that was dying but rather “boring retail” that was going the way of the dodo. We dove into how strategic store design and the inclusion of tech into that design would help facilitate the necessary changes to survive.

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The End of a Software Silo: 8 Features that Make Your POS a Retail Hub

A POS system should not be a solitary component in your IT infrastructure. Rather, it should be seen as a retail hub that absorbs data from each of your departments and informs a wide range of your processes and operations. With the right type of POS system in place, it's possible to streamline and automate a number of cumbersome processes all while enhancing management and the customer experience. In order to function as a true retail hub, however, your POS needs the right features.

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Omnichannel Retail: New Roles You Need to be Hiring Now

For businesses' omnichannel strategies to succeed, they need professionals who are well-versed in omnichannel marketing. While this seems simple enough, many brands are only now getting up to speed.

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[Video] Meeting Customer Expectations with Dropship In-Store

When it comes to their time in your retail store, customers have specific expectations that can make or break their shopping experience. Each time consumers encounter something that ups the ante, creating a great experience during their path to purchase, their expectations increase and as a retailer, you are now held to an even higher standard. 

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The Power of People: What Creates A Great Employee Experience

A Forbes article said it best; “People are what matter most in business.” Behind every great organization is a group of incredible, passionate, and hard-working individuals; iQmetrix is no different. Our goal is to create a great experience for our clients, their businesses, and their customers and to do that, the right people are needed in the right roles to make projects come together to generate success. But what makes it possible to have those "right" individuals come together? If you guessed 'company culture,' you just might be onto something. 

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What New Entrants to the Wireless Space Could Mean for You

It's getting a little hot in here. With a handful of new entrants disrupting the the wireless retail space, the industry is becoming more crowded than ever. While this may mean more competition between wireless retailers, it's not entirely a bad thing—especially when you consider that there are expected to be 224.3 million smartphone users in the US by the end of the year.

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iQmetrix Announces the 2018 Females In Technology Scholarship Award

Are you working towards a future career in the tech industry? iQmetrix wants to help you get there!

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Is Your POS Software Costing You Revenue Opportunities?

In today’s retail industry, POS software is an essential revenue tool. It's difficult to imagine running any store without one, and it's impossible to capitalize on digital channels without digital payment capabilities. Having a POS system is undeniably an advantage. The question then becomes: is it also an obstacle?

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How to Prevent Theft As a Wireless Retailer

The following blog was written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Envysion and outlines how managed video solutions can combat fraud and mitigate loss for cell phone stores and repair shops.

Scanning the customers in your storefront, butterflies stir in your stomach as you consider the likelihood that one customer at this very moment could be attempting to commit fraud.

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Train, Monitor, Reward: How to Create a Great Customer Experience

The following blog was written by iQmetrix Integrated Partner, Envysion. They outline how a customer's path to purchase can be made great with the help of your well-trained employees. 

You’re watching from across the room as one of your sales employees works with a customer. Your employee hasn’t looked up to make eye contact with the customer in more than two minutes while the customer is anxiously shifting their weight from foot to foot; you cringe as you count the seconds go by.

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