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My First Trip to Regina... Pizza

By Anne Forkutza Jun 08, 2011

If you're like most of the locals working at the iQmetrix Vancouver office, you've probably heard the stories from all the Regina peeps of the delicious and legendary PIZZA that resides in their hometown. Something about the crust being sweeter, thicker, and fluffier? The toppings are apparently incredible, the sauce is just "different," and when you ask for specifics, the response that you always seem to get is, "You just gotta try it."

So, when I made my first trip out to Regina for some XQ User Testing, you can imagine what the first thing on my mind was: PIZZA!  

And with the help of a sampling of the kind folk at the iQmetrix Regina office, my dream of trying some of this legendary prairie pizza finally came true.

Tumblers was the destination where the feasting would occur. Immediately upon walking in, I knew I wasn't in Vancouver anymore. And when I looked at the menu, I received my first indication that they definitely do pizza differently in Regina:

A SUPER extra-large size???


We ordered a Super-Extra-Large-All-Dressed-Pizza...


...and a Large Spinach and Feta Pizza (which looked tiny next to the SXL).  


Of course, this monumental experience needed to be recorded (Don't worry, I'm not quitting my day job, and no I was not drunk.):

With bellies full of obscene amounts of cheese and carbohydrates, a few of us waddled to the Regina condo (another mythical attraction that us Vancouver folk often hear about).  I must say the space is HUGE and it's pretty awesome that the elevators open right into the suite. I shot some video (at the end of the above vid) to show the peeps in Vancouver who haven't yet had the opportunity to experience it themselves. (Again not quitting my day job -- let's leave the professional shooting up to Thu and Cody.)

While in the condo, we finished watching the Canucks beat San Jose to become the Western Conference Champions. As I watched the hockey win from the large projector TV while sitting reclined in the leather seat, Bud Light Lime nestled safely in the seat cupholder, I looked around at all my iQ Regina friends and thought, "Damn I love working here."

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