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Movember Week 3 at iQmetrix

By Chad McCallum Nov 15, 2011

Movember Week 3 will be our busiest yet, with several events scheduled this week.  The iQmetrix Moustache Alliance is currently sitting at $1908 total collected for Movember, a big thank you to everyone who's donated and collected money so far.

This week we have scheduled: 

Raffle! (All Offices): Nov 14 - 30th. Buy tickets to win a Xbox 360 Kinect bundle or a $500 Best Buy Gift Card!  Tickets are 1/$5 or 5/$20.  Talk to the rep in your office to buy a ticket: Chad McCallum (Regina), Stephen Gaudet (Vancouver), David Harms (Winnipeg) or Will Hunt (Charlotte).

50/50 Staff Meeting Draw! (All Offices): Nov 18th. This Friday before the staff meeting we'll be selling tickets for a 50/50 draw, to be completed at the end of the staff meeting. Make sure to line up early as tickets will go on sale for 30 minutes before the meeting and sales will close at the beginning of the staff meeting.  Winner gets half the pot!  Tickets go for 1/$1, 7/$5, or 15/$10.

Kinect Tournament of Champions (Regina): Nov 14 - 16th. Already started with some Skiing action, with darts and Tennis to follow. If you're interested in joining, email SteveD.

Best In A Dress (Winnipeg): Nov 14 - 18th. Donate $1 to vote for the Winnipeg employee you think would look best in a dress! The person with the most votes shows up on Friday in their best evening attire :)

Chili Cook Off (Regina): Nov 17th. Talented chefs from the Regina Office will be making chili for our professional taste testers (you!) to try. If you're interested in cooking for the office, let Dustin Veitch know ASAP.  To come taste test and pick a winner, show up Thursday at lunch with $5 in hand.

Office Olympics (Regina): Nov 18th. Register a team of 4 to compete in the Office Olympics!  Various events will be held friday afternoon. More info (including registration links) to follow!

Penny Wars (Regina): til Nov 30th. Penny Wars week one started strong, with Client Services in a commanding lead. Check out the attached pics to see where your bucket stands!


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