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Movember Week 2 Update

By Chad McCallum Nov 15, 2010

Movember Week 2 has been a busy one for all the participating offices, and a great one for the iQmetrix Moustache Alliance.  We're now at 48 participants, and have raised over $2,400, placing us #717 overall in Canada.  Iain is still leading the pack with $630 raised.

On a national note, this is the first year that Canada is in first place worldwide!  Austrailia (the founders of Movember in 2003) have traditionally been the leaders, but Canada is kicking ass at over 100,000 participants and $9.6 million raised to date.  Last year's Canadian total was $7.8 million, so we've already demolished that record!

Regina had their first fundraising competition yesterday, with 15 participants helping raise $147.  Ryan Zens, with his "Magnum PI" Mo,  won for Best Moustache under the criteria of growth, style, colour, and money raised.  See below for some pics.  At the end of the month is Regina's Pork or Gold competition, where the team who raises the most gets a comp'd lunch while the losing team gets to choke back some pork & beans.

Winnipeg had a Potluck lunch yesterday, raising around $70 for Movember.  Thu brought some fairly interesting food that only a few people could stomach :s  The penny war in Winnipeg is still going strong, we'll see which team gets to pie who at the end of the month.

The Vancouver team helped organize a public Movember Pub Trivia night at The Cascade Room.  It was a full house, with The Cascade Room donating all proceeds and $1 from every beer sold to Movember, helping raise over $170.  There's another trivia night scheduled for next Monday, and we have a Moustache Poker Tourney in the works for next week as well.

Again, thanks to everyone in all the offices who have helped organized, participated, or donated to the team.  We're making a huge difference this year, and it wouldn't be possible without iQmetrix or its employees.

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