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Movember Week 1 Update

By Chad McCallum Nov 04, 2010

Movember is off to a great start this year at iQ.  We've got 40 participants signed up, which is almost 3x the amount we had the first year!  I'm very excited and impressed by all the team members who have stepped up to raise money for Prostate Cancer.  It's the end of Week 1 and we've already raised $1340, only $660 short of last year's total for the whole month!

Winnipeg and Vancouver hosted Kick Off parties yesterday, featuring Pizza, Beer & Xbox Kinect.  At the Vancouver office we invited other downtown Vancouver offices to join us, and with admission we raised $260.  See the links below for some great pics from all the events this week.

In the near future we've got some other cool events planned.  Vancouver is doing a Moustache Movie Night, with "Super Troopers" as the feature film.  Thu & the Winnipeg team has an ongoing Penny War with the winners getting to pie "Magnum" (Dean) at the end of the month.  And Regina has a challenge planned for the 15th... watch for emails from your Regina Team Leaders Joanne and Kanaris for more details on that :)

Here's some media from the first week of the iQmetrix Moustache Alliance:

- Movember Rain (thanks to Tony) -

- iQmetrix Moustache Alliance logo (thanks to Alen) -

- Pics from Winnipeg's Day 1 and Kick Off events (thanks to Kathy) -

Keep on rockin' those Mo's!

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