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Movember 2010 Final Update

By Chad McCallum Dec 01, 2010

Well, Movember 2010 has come to a conclusion for the iQmetrix Moustache Alliance, and this has been our greatest year yet. Here are the last week's highlights:

  • The Regina office held a Kinect Sports tournament the last few days and raised $400. The winner of the tournament got to pick who got credit for the donation -- Steve selected Kevin 'cause he figured he'd have the best chance of getting 1st place in the company with amount of donations. I should point out that despite that, Iain still is #1 with $710 raised :)
  • The Winnipeg office was running a Penny War throughout the month, which raised $467.09 in total. There were some critical last-minute tactics from all teams involved, but Team Web Team came out on top with a total of $-20, and got to pie Team Awesome.
  • In total the Winnipeg office collected $1082.09, the large majority of which will donate to Dean and his family. In addition, partial proceeds from the Vancouver office party earlier this month will be donated to them as well.

As a country, Canada got 1st place for the first time ever! This is also the first year Australia has NOT taken 1st place.  Canada raised a total of $19.7 million, against Australia's $18.7 million.  Considering last year's total of $7.8 million nationwide, I think we did pretty darn good.

So, everything considered, the iQmetrix Moustache Alliance 2010 fundraising total is...


A big thank you to the team captains and everyone who got involved in Movember this year. This was a record-breaking year for our team, and I really appreciate everyone coming together for such a great cause.

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