Kohl's Omnichannel Initiatives Address Common Pain Points

Sep 30, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Yesterday (Sept. 29), we came across a couple of RIS News articles that complemented each other. One was called "4 Things That Are Killing Your Sales You Need to Change"; the other focused on "Kohl's Top Five Omnichannel Initiatives."

The first article outlined four common consumer pain points identified the 6th Annual RIS/Cognizant Shopper Experience Study:

  • 90% of shoppers said they would not make a purchase in a store if their desired brand of product was not available.
  • 50% of shoppers leave to go to another retailer's store if they feel the price of an item is too high. Of these, 93% actually make a purchase from a different retailer.
  • More than 60% of shoppers report service failures when ordering online and picking up in-store.
  • 60% of shoppers are extremely concerned about the security of payment methods.
It's a neat coincidence how the above study's findings match Kohl's new intitatives.

The second, unrelated article described Kohl's top five omnichannel initiatives, which were:

  • A new store mode for Kohl's mobile app: Provides a more personalized experience. The app lets users search store inventory as well as identify applicable promotions, coupons and discount offers.
  • Redesigned mobile site and tablet app: The Kohls.com mobile site and the Kohl's tablet app boast improved user interfaces and mobile checkout experiences. The tablet app now also connects to rewards and mobile payment functionality.
  • Omnichannel shopping bag: Kohl's has bridged its digital shopping carts into a single "bag" accessible via smartphone, tablet or desktop.
  • In-store pickup of mobile purchases: Customers can now opt for in-store pickup of mobile purchases, at a store that is convenient to them. Previously, this service was only available on laptop or desktop.
  • New mobile payment options: Apple Pay arrives at Kohl's this fall, as does Apple Pay functionality within the Kohl's app. Other improvements include gift card, Kohl's cash and rewards integration with the Kohl's app.

It's sort of a neat coincidence how the pain points described in the first article align with the new digital efforts Kohl's has just rolled out. Perhaps Kohl's was paying attention to the findings of that study in particular.

Topics: Retail Operations, Wireless Trends, Customer Experience

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