January 2014: Customer Experience - Employee Assisted Sales

Jan 06, 2014 — Alen Puaca

Using an interactive display to showcase product options to consumers is an effective way to sell. It removes any potential consumer anxieties and gets the staff and the consumer “on the same page.” Standing hip-to-hip with consumers has proven to make them more comfortable and receptive to purchasing suggestions. Staff also increase their credibility when they facilitate a "let's explore together" approach to product information and handling of consumer questions.

Driving Growth

Driving Growth is a series of one-pagers that reveal best practices in retail – more specifically: on the topics of Customer Experience, Retail Operations, and Industry Metrics.

We felt a single page would be a great format for quick learning and easy sharing within your organization. Think of these as something you could post in your staff room to keep strategy top of mind. Going forward, a new Driving Growth page will be published each month, so stay tuned for more.

And by all means, get in touch with us via Twitter (@iQmetrix, use the #DrivingGrowthSeries hashtag) if you have any questions or content suggestions!

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Topics: Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, Business Intelligence

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