iQwaldo in Boston Feb. 1

Jan 31, 2011 — Ken Burdon

Verizon Wireless agents in New England will converge in Boston this week as the 2011 New England Indirect Agent Kick Off is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 1. iQmetrix’s North American Sales Manager, Ken Burdon, will be in attendance, showcasing all of iQmetrix's business enhancing products and services, including the iQmetrix exciting new Interactive Retail platform: XQ.

Although iQmetrix will not officially unveil its XQ suite of products until CTIA in March, excitement is building around what role Interactive Retail will play in the future of wireless retail. For more details on XQ, visit

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Ken's blog update (Feb. 3):

Verizon agents in New England braved the weather to participate in their Kick-Off meetings this week in Boston.  Although the weather impacted the turnout, the enthusiasm was not tempered and some of the largest indirect agents in the country were on hand. All-day meetings concluded with a Vendor Fair, which was followed by excellent a pre-dinner speech from an NFL legend, former Patriots quarterback Steve Grogan, about teamwork and dedication.



Brad MacArthur of TracPoint Wireless and Eric Schlesselman of Moorehead Communications discuss business.






 The boys from OtterBox preparing for the Vendor Fair.





Verizon employees, Melissa Merritt and Dawn Sullivan, are all smiles. Their planning paid off and the event went off without a hitch, in spite of the weather.





Steve Grogan gave an inspirational pre-dinner monologue, which helped to fire up the troops.



Verizon Wireless regularly recognizes and rewards outstanding performance in their indirect channel. Some of the award winners at this year’s event included ATI/wireless Zone, Wireless City, Moorehead Communications, AmComm, Coastal Communications and Simply Wireless.


Brent and Cinnamon Murray of AmComm Wireless, and longtime iQmetrix users, were among the award winners at this year's show.




Ken's blog update (Feb. 4):

On my recent trip to Boston, I had the pleasure of having dinner with Cinnamon and Brent Murray from AdComm. They have been customers for a long time and are ardent iQ supporters.  Brent said to me at dinner, “You know what I really like the most about RQ4, Ken? The fact that it allows me to 'Affect Customer Outcomes.' I found that to be very profound. Given all that we do, I had never thought about in these terms.  I responded with, “Just wait until you see XQ.”

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