iQmetrix to Unveil XQ at CTIA 2011: Creating the Ultimate Customer Experience

Mar 08, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Technology has changed the way people shop and as a result, consumers are looking for a more engaging and interactive shopping experience – especially when shopping for a new phone. With this in mind, iQmetrix is preparing to make a big impression at CTIA 2011 in Orlando, where it will launch its groundbreaking new platform, XQ Interactive Retail.

(Visit us at CTIA Booth #4237 for a complete tour of the XQ Interactive Retail experience!)

XQ transforms the in-store experience with a suite of dynamic digital media solutions that entertain, educate and guide shoppers through the process of buying a mobile device. Using interactive touchscreen displays equipped with intuitive browsing and streaming software, XQ puts all the relevant products and information at customers’ fingertips.

“For most people, going in to buy a new phone can be a painstaking process,” explains Ahsan Nanji, iQmetrix’s XQ Program Manager. “We’ve created XQ to make that process easy and enjoyable.”

Nanji and his team of developers, designers and user experience architects have created a new interface for phone shoppers. Drawing on elements familiar to customers from online shopping, video games and social media, XQ technology displays a continuous flow of interactive media. Customers are drawn in by the eye-catching content and moving images. They can then proceed to browse product catalogs and conveniently “build a phone”: picking out a device, a rate plan, features, add-on accessories and even access special discounts and promotions.

“With XQ, there’s no waiting around for a salesperson,” says Nanji. “Customers can come in, walk up to a touch screen and serve themselves. Once they find a device they like, they can click further to access product reviews, tweets and video demos – all on the same screen. They can even look to see if that model is in stock at that store location, in which color and at what price.”

These are the types of experiences customers are looking for. A Wharton study from September 2009 identified brand experience and engagement – characterized by an exciting store design and a user-friendly atmosphere – as the strongest drivers of customer loyalty (see Buying Experience).

Last summer, a Consumer Reports survey (see Phone Buying Experience) identified the keys to good and bad phone buying experiences.

Positive experiences included:

  • Easy activation
  • Fast checkout
  • Vast phone selection
  • Affordable prices
  • Good customer service

Negative experiences included:

  • Long waits for help
  • Confusing pricing
  • Limited phone selection

“XQ allows you to reinforce all the positive elements of a good phone buying experience, while simultaneously avoiding the common complaints associated with a bad experience,” notes Nanji.

XQ Interactive Retail has the ability to draw customers in, keep them engaged in-store and facilitate the sales process for staff. By giving shoppers everything they’re looking for – engagement, convenience and information to identify the device and price they want – XQ truly creates the ultimate customer experience.

**To learn more about XQ Interactive Retail, visit, e-mail or call 1-866-iQmetrix (476-3874). Visit us at CTIA Booth #4237 for a complete tour of the XQ Interactive Retail experience!

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