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May 06, 2013 — Jacquie Foster

There are many great aspects of attending iQmetrix events, such as the Summit or Retail Success Workshops.

For us… the best part is getting to meet our clients face-to-face!

For the clients that attend such events… we overwhelmingly hear that their favorite parts are meeting iQmetrix staff face-to-face (awww shucks… you’re making us blush!) and getting the chance to meet and network with their peers in the wireless industry –- sharing processes and best practices, comparing concerns and issues and having a few laughs together along the way. It’s exhilarating and enlightening for all involved… and we’re so happy we can be a part of it.

So, let’s keep the conversations going!

The iQmetrix Support & Community site has discussion forums for just that! Users of iQmetrix software can interact with each other on the site, as well as with iQmetrix staff.

Questions Section: Ask a question, add your thoughts to a discussion or provide a solution for someone else’s query. This section was created so that any user of iQmetrix software can ask a question and then get some different views and possible solutions to consider.

Some tricks for the iQmetrix Support Community Questions Section:

  • Search questions to see if someone has already posted the same question… and then see what kind of responses are already available for that question.
  • Show your support for a question that hasn’t been answered yet by clicking the ‘Me Too’ button.
  • Sort questions by Most Asked, Recent, Needs Answer or Answered depending on what you want to contribute to the conversation.

How do you access the iQmetrix Support Community?

  • First-time login: You must go through RQ4 to access the Support & Community site.
  • Go to the Support tab in the upper-right corner and click on Community & Support.
  • After that: You can access the Support & Community site from any device, using the following URL:

Topics: Retail Operations, RQ, Mobile Industry, Business Intelligence

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