iQmetrix Mobile Review: Hello World!

Sep 20, 2013 — James Ingold

Hi, I’m James and I work at iQmetrix. We make software to help people who sell phones… well, sell phones.

Who are we?

We're consumers too. We want honest information to help us navigate the mobile marketplace.

When we get into work every day, we get the inside scoop on what’s going on in the world of mobile: Following news, attending events and talking with the people who are selling mobile products in their stores. This is sweet, because it’s something that we really enjoy doing.

Why we're making a blog:

Due to this industry exposure, many of our friends and family members tend to come to us for advice: “What should I get? Should I get something now or wait for something better later? Is this the device that’s best for me?” Eventually we realized that, with the connections we have, we have special insight into an industry that can often be confusing and overwhelming for consumers.

We want you to feel more confident shopping for a phone, and get more out of your device.

As consumers ourselves, we want more access to honest and clear information to help us navigate the complicated mobile marketplace. So that’s what we’ve set out to do with this blog, the iQmetrix Mobile Review.

What you'll find here:

So as this blog grows, you’ll hear from a number of us here at iQmetrix. One of the first will be Allan Pulga, who will be reviewing new devices when they come in. You’ll also get access to information about trends in the wireless that usually only analysts and investors get to see. Lastly, you’ll get a window into the industry events where all the latest and greatest first see the light of day.

Holler at us on Twitter: @iQmetrixReview

In the end, we want to help you answer: “What’s the bottom line for me as a consumer?” We want you to feel more confident when you go shopping for a phone and to get more out of the devices you already own.

What we expect from the commmunity:

Since you’re here, we’d like to let you know what we expect from our readers and commenters. The community is the lifeblood of any activity so we want to know what you think: What you’re excited about, where you were perhaps disappointed.

Keep it constructive. We don't really wanna see fanaticism or negativity directed towards any commenters if their views differ from yours. Those posts will disappear into the ether of the Internet. We love to discuss and debate and we’re excited to engage in that dialogue with you.

You can also contact/follow us on Twitter: @iQmetrixReview

So come on in and join the conversation!


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