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iQmetrix Davidson Volunteers at Mooresville Soup Kitchen

By Mary Wilkins Mar 22, 2013

On February 28th, a group from the Davidson office volunteered at the Mooresville Soup Kitchen. They serve over 4,000 meals monthly, averaging 150–200 meals per day.



We volunteered as a “cook team”, which meant that we would prepare and serve the hot lunch that was served on that day.

We arrived at 8:15 a.m. and Angie, who runs the kitchen, immediately got us working. We prepared & cooked sloppy joes, potatoes & salads, as well as poured drinks and cut desserts to be ready for consumption.

Duties of the cook team included: preparing all the food, serving it and then cleaning up the kitchen. We were very efficient and were done slightly before it was serving time.


We served approximately 150 meals that day. Angie was surprised the number was that low, as the last day of the month is usually very busy. No food ever goes to waste.


They have approximately 30 volunteers that help each day; some of whom are unemployed and come there as if it were a job. That old saying “it takes a village” is really true, as there are 25-30 consistent volunteers every day who make it all happen.


There were people of all ages and races who were there for lunch; we found it to be a very humbling and worthwhile experience.

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