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iQmetrix Authentic Leadership

By Nevin Danielson Jul 12, 2011

iQmetrix just finished up a company-wide training program available to all employees. It was called Authentic Leadership. It consisted of a one-day session, customized for iQmetrix and delivered by Bob Hornsberger of Whole Person Training & Consulting of Regina. Over 140 employees in four offices (and a few visitors from our satellite locations) took the training. Perhaps we shouldn’t say “finished,” though. We should say “started.” It felt more like a beginning.

The session provided an opportunity for iQers to discuss leadership styles and assess their own style. It also invited examination of their personal values, principles and beliefs and to further align those foundations to their work and personal lives. Oh, and it was fun. Who doesn’t like to take a breather from day-to-day action and ask the big questions like “am I doing the right things?” and “am I in the right place?” and “do I look fat in these pants?”

As a company, we’re hitting a stage where it’s getting hard for any one individual to know everyone else in the organization. That’s scary. It changes the dynamic of how we interact. Don’t get me wrong. We still rely heavily on a sense of community and relationships. That’s not going away. Ever.

Now more than ever, though, we’re also in need of leaders throughout the organization – individuals who take initiative and fill gaps where they see them. We’ve always had that, but we’re making it a bit more official. If you’re living your values and you’re living the iQ values, you don’t need formal approval. You need to figure out how to make your vision compelling for others.

Our history of success could have iQmetrix locking down our processes and continuing with what got us here. That would be a mistake. Inviting Authentic Leadership says we’re not going down that path. The individuals – the authentic individuals – that make up this company define our character, our brand and the things we’ll do next. We’re not locking down. We’re trusting more.

It was a beginning, perhaps a middle… certainly not an end.

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