iQmetrix at PDC 2010 - Day 2

Oct 29, 2010 — Chris Nicol

Well after a very interesting first day at PDC, which was overflowing with information on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft Azure and other interesting topics it was time to take a brain break and let loose.  Microsoft rented out a bowling alley called "Lucky Strike" in downtown Bellevue.  With tons of games including everything from Guitar Hero to racing games, pool and bowling it was a really fun night.  Our CTO, Kerem Karatal, showed that his skill set includes more than just technology with an amazing start to our game of bowling.  Scott Hanselman, from Microsoft, entertained the crowd by giving roundhouse kicks to a punching bag game, it was a pity our CEO Christopher Krywulak wasn't there to show how it's really done.

Today was full of more great sessions and we spent some time in the "Commons" area where Microsoft and some partners were showcasing various technologies.  Microsoft had their new Xbox Kinect device demoing, the title picture shows some people playing a volleyball game with the new camera based technology where the player is the controller.  I did get a quick chance to play one game and it was surprisingly intuitive and fun, it's certainly an innovative technology and it will be interesting to see how it does this holiday season against the Playstation Move.  Another innovative technology that was on display was a 3D version of the game Batman Arkham Asylum, with the three monitors and 3D glasses you really felt like you were right in the game.  3D has become a norm in big budget movies and it seems like it will be making its way into our homes through 3D television and games.  

The main conference is now over, but tomorrow there is an all day bootcamp for Windows Phone 7 or Azure, so stay tuned for the final post in the PDC Road Trip series.

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