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iQ Green Team: 2012 Year in Review

By Mary Wilkins Apr 19, 2013

In January of 2012, a group of iQers got together to get the E going in SLICCE!

We defined our goals as follows: 

  • Encourage participation for local environmental oriented events.
  • Improve recycling in each office and reduce landfill waste.
  • Reduce energy usage.
  • Plan and organize events in each office related to the environment.
  • Communicate articles related to the environment.

So, how did we do?

To get inspired, we reviewed a program, How to Green Your Workplace by David Suzuki, an award-winning scientist, environmentalist and broadcaster ( We identified that as an organization, we were doing pretty well in some areas (such as subsidized transit passes for sustainable commuting; composting and/or recycling services in all offices; motion detection lights in Vancouver office), while other areas could use some improvement.

  • The first order of business was to create a Wiki for communication & collaboration.
  • Our creative director made us an amazing logo!


  • We sent out a survey to iQmetrix staff to get the "temperature" on what they think about environmental issues and how they perceive iQmetrix in that regard. Results and suggestions were great!
  • To encourage employees to reduce energy consumption, we held a "Turn It Off To Win It" competition. The goal was to have all employees to turn off their monitors at the end of each day. iQ Green Team members performed checks every day for a two week period to identify who powered off their monitor(s) the most. The winners received a $50 gift certificate to a local health food store or restaurant.
  • To celebrate Earth Week, we hosted vegetarian potluck lunches in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Davidson. We screened a video put together by one of our members about environmental issues.
  • Davidson, Regina and Winnipeg employees participated in cleaning up local parks, with the Davidson office cleaning out 278 pounds of trash at their location!
  • We implemented environmentally friendly cleaning products, as much as possible, in each office.
  • Davidson began recycling their cans separately from the regular recycling to collect the refund money. iQmetrix matched the collected funds and $111 was donated to  Each dollar plants one tree through the American Forests program.
  • Regina and Davidson set up can crushers so that used cans take up less space in the recycling bins.
  • Davidson instituted a recycling program for the coffee/tea individual serving packets. They will be returned to the manufacturer, and according to their information, the materials are used in the manufacturer of the coffee/tea machine itself.
  • In December, we encouraged Green Christmas Gift Exchanges – to (re)gift a currently owned item and use sustainable or reusable wrapping.
  • iQmetrix continues to encourage sustainable modes of commuting by offering subsidized transit passes for all employees.
  • Team members attended Climate Smart training in Vancouver. It is a program to help BC organizations assess their CO2 output and define reduction strategies. In Vancouver, we completed inventory of the following areas for the year of 2011:
    • Total Heat & electrical use
    • Total Goods transportation by air & road
    • Estimated garbage sent to landfill (special thanks to Sam for her dedication in weighing Vancouver's garbage every day for a week!)
    • Estimated paper use
    • Total Air travel for all offices

Based on the data collected from these areas, it was determined that iQmetrix produced about 50 tonnes of CO2 in 2011. However, because of our company's commitment to reducing our CO2 footprint, iQmetrix received Climate Smart Certification in December 2012.  

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