Indianapolis Welcomes Moorehead TCC Group

Apr 26, 2011 — Ken Burdon

It could very well be the friendliest city in all of the USA, and it evident as Indianapolis hosted both the Women's Final Four NCAA basketball tournament as well as hundreds of Moorehead TCC employees and agents.

While Texas A&M was busy defeating Notre Dame in the women's NCAA final,  Moorehead communications was busy celebrating a year of their success. And what a year it was –- a year that saw them balloon to well over 400 locations and position them as one of Verizon's premier agents in the nation.

Moorehead and its agents have a great relationship with iQmetrix, who was well represented at the event with iQwaldo (Ken Burdon, North America Field Sales Manager) and Will Hunt (Enterprise Account Manager) in attendance.  “What an amazing event,” said Will. “These people just love what they do and they love the fact that RQ4 lets them do it better.”

Will Hunt of iQmetrix shows an unidentified Moorehead employee some of the latest enhancements to RQ4.

Approximately 50 of Moorehead's vendor partners were on hand for the two-day event. Melissa Klyce (left) and Megan Myers from Body Glove Accessories show a customer their latest products.


Channa Ming and Patrick Dees from FlipSwap share a rare moment when they were not inundated with event attendees.



It seems that Otterbox comes out with something new almost every other week; this was the case at the Moorehead event. In this photo, interested attendees peruse their latest protective and water tight cases.

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