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How To Turn Shoppers Into Buyers

Written by Tanya Floer | 6/19/17 4:41 PM

For a retailer, the most important time of day is when your transaction count is highest, right?... Wrong. High traffic periods and potential to turn shoppers into buyers, when they’re at your fingertips, can often be overlooked. Are you converting this potential to loyal customers or letting it walk out of your store?

First thing’s first, when is your store traffic highest? Do you know? Investing in traffic counting software can be the difference between understanding your shoppers and working to convert them into buyers. From here there are many tactics you can focus on to increase conversion. Consider these tips to boost in-store purchases:

Be aware of why your in-store shoppers aren't converting

Limited sales help, long lines, and unavailable stock are just a few reasons why people flee without purchasing. Take the time to observe behaviors in your store and understand exactly where shoppers are disengaging. You’ll figure out where action is needed to improve the buying experience for the long run.

Schedule your straff around your store traffic rather than your transactions

This can be tricky to nail down but once you understand when prospects are in your store, aligning your staff will ultimately increase your chances of converting more shoppers into buyers.

Engage with customers on a personal level

 “Can I help you?” “No thanks, I’m just browsing.” Sound familiar? Greetings like the above are common but hardly engaging and often lead to your customer walking right out the door. Train your sales staff to connect with each shopper that enters your store. A simple “take a look around, and I’ll be right with you,” if they’re not immediately available, can go a long way. Alternatively, start the interaction in a more personal manner with “have you been in our store before?” Or “what brings you in today?” to start a conversation that’s not as easy to brush off.

Support the needs of the connected consumer

Consumer desire for additional information or peer affirmation is greater than ever. Highlight the conversation around your products by offering additional information they can easily access. Endless aisle solutions can display product reviews and comparisons which can enable an educated and influenced purchase decision.

Offer the products your shoppers are looking for

Eliminate saying ‘no’ to your customers because of limited stock offerings or quantities. Drop ship allows you to fulfill customer needs without taking on the risk. So, go ahead, sell that neon zebra print iPhone case that may or may not fly off the shelves.

Speed up your transaction time

Once a customer has made their decision, the last thing they want to do is wait in line for 20 minutes. Ensuring you have intuitive cell phone store POS software can help speed up and streamline the activation process, while mobile POS solutions allow customers to skip the line and pay on the spot. Do your customers and staff this favor.

So remember, for in-store success, high transaction count and value is the goal. Driving traffic to your store is a step in the right direction, but it all comes down to what you do during peak traffic times. Creating a buying versus shopping experience.

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