Daily Dose of iQ: How People Use Mobile Apps, Pinterest In-Store

Aug 18, 2015 — Allan Pulga

I found a couple of articles today that identified what people are using a) retailer mobile apps and b) Pinterest for, while they're shopping in-store.

The first article, from Digiday, showed a chart from Forrester/RetailMeNot (July 2015; pictured above), breaking down the different activities people use mobile retailer apps for. It also shows frequency of use, on the right side.

The top activity was "turning on geolocation services" (34%), followed by "turning on mobile push notifications" (32%) and "adding a loyalty card to my mobile wallet" (27%). A lot of these behaviors seem benign at first glance, but I suspect they're good indicators of consumers' perceived value (or lack thereof) of these apps.

The second article, from eMarketer (Aug. 17), focused on Pinterest use in-store. While I'm not a Pinterest user (my fiancée uses it a lot though), I'm fascinated by how the social network captures users' purchasing intent. Because you're curating pages based on what you're into, and pinning things you presumably want to buy, I feel like it's the best social site/app for predicting future purchases.

According AcuPOLL/Ahology (see left graph), the number-one thing users look up pins for in-store is "ingredients for a recipe" (52%), followed by "supplies for a project" (48%) and "inspiration while shopping" (45%). In the fourth spot is "check the item out in person" (40%), which identifies Pinterest as part of a user's pre-purchase research process.

AcuPOLL/Ahology also looked at product categories Pinterest users browsed through, on their mobile devices, while shopping in-store (see right graph). Further reinforcing Pinterest as a cooking/crafts accompaniment, the top category was food (57%), followed by recipes (53%) and arts & crafts products (50%). Next in line were clothing (42%), home improvement/décor (32%) and cosmetics (29%).

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