How Big a Footprint Does Your Tiny Smartphone Leave Behind?

Dec 16, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Worldwide smartphone sales are on track to top 467 million units this year alone, according to research firm Gartner. Two years ago, smartphone sales rang in at 172 million units.

What happens to your old phone when you buy a new one? As smartphones advance, the turnover to newer, better and faster phones is increasing exponentially.

More than 140 million cellphones* (that’s FOUR cellphones per SECOND) will end up in landfills this year, releasing all kinds of toxic chemicals into the earth because of improper disposal methods.

Flipswap was created to respond to the need for better ways of recycling discarded phones, by offering consumers a simple and competitive program. Founded in 2005, Flipswap sticks to its mission: to let people trade-in their old devices for cash, so they can be reused and not end up in a landfill. And the ones that can’t be reused are recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

“Everyone has a drawer of phones and they don’t realize the impact that those devices can have on the environment,” says Channa Ming, Manager of Channel Marketing for Flipswap. “They know they shouldn’t throw them in the trash but they don’t know what else to do with them.”

iQmetrix is proud to offer the Flipswap service, integrated with our RQ4 system that automatically calculates the old-phone value. This value is credited to the customer’s invoice at the point of sale, essentially giving the customer more money to spend on a better phone, accessories or other extras.

By signing up for Flipswap, retailers get to do something great for the environment and provide their customers with an alternative method of phone disposal. When you think about it, it’s green for the retailer and green for the environment, giving value to all parties.

Here's a video explaining how the Flipswap service works:

Since 2008, Flipswap has put enough phones back into use to keep over 200 tons of solid waste out of our landfills and through its partnership with Mokugift, the company has planted over 400,000 trees along the Earth’s equator – a tree for the each of the phones they had to recycle. One of their claims is: “We’re not lying when we say this forest was brought to you by Flipswap.”

The bottom line: Protect our environment; keep customers’ old phones out of a landfill; give those phones a second life; give customers store credit off their next phone. It’s a no-brainer!

To learn more about the Flipswap add-on for RQ4 or XQ, visit or contact iQmetrix Support at 1.888.888.8170.

*Source: mobiThinking, 2011, p. 15

Topics: RQ, Mobile Industry, Business Intelligence

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