Fun and Games with Affordable Portables

Jun 20, 2011 — Ken Burdon

It wasn’t all fun and games last week as I visited Mike Freedman and his team for a day of RQ4 Training.

Store managers, DMs and operations staff from head office were treated to some little known tricks of RQ4, designed to make their entire team more effective, efficient and ultimately profitable. The day-long training session including all store managers and culminated in a challenging game of Jeopardy hosted by none other than Greg "Tester" Trebek.   


Owner and CEO Mike Freedman (above), has been operating Affordable Portables for more than 30 years, and although the business gets more competitive every year, they are continually one of the top producing AT&T agents in the greater Los Angeles area –- due in part to his leadership and his ability to build a great team.

Part of Mike’s wonderful team on hand participate (left to right): Andrew Venegas (Inventory Manager), Greg Tester (Director of Sales), Bob Middleton (Human Resources Manager) and Gerardo Santos (District Manager).   

Serving the L.A. area since 1984, Affordable Portables has grown to more than 30 locations and has been recognized as one of the top AT&T Agents in the area. iQmetrix thanks Mike and his team for three great days and for giving us the opportunity to live in their world for a while.

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