Envysion’s Video-Driven BI: Unfiltered Insight Into Your Stores

Aug 21, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Imagine being able to look at customer traffic throughout your store and pinpoint how and why different areas and salespeople are most effective at closing sales. For marketing, which are your most important customer demographics? For operations, where are the inefficiencies and how can they be eliminated?

These are the possibilities available with iQmetrix partner Envysion’s Video-Driven BI.

"Envysion’s video-integrated exception reports enable us to make better decisions about our stores."
- Anita Denboske, Active Communications

Envysion’s cloud-based platform complements iQmetrix’s retail management solution with easy-to-use video that provides visual insight into RQ data. In addition to providing remote access to video surveillance from the store, this integration delivers video-driven business intelligence, including exception reports linked to video, so wireless retailers can pinpoint important events and immediately review the video footage to see how they happened.

“Our partnership with iQmetrix gives wireless retailers another layer of insight into daily store operations,” says Carlos Perez, VP Product and Marketing at Envysion. “This allows retailers to better understand what is going on in their stores, accelerate decision making with confidence and drive profit increases.”

"I do think we have increased profitability because we’ve been able to control costs as a result of the video."
- Kevin MacDonald, Wireless Express

For example, Envysion client Active Communications tracks and visually reviews key store performance metrics to identify where retraining or sales coaching is needed to increase store performance.

“Maybe an employee doesn’t know how to cross sell accessories, but if you take the time to teach him, the impact on sales can be tremendous,” says Perez.

“Having video in your store also means you can see if a new display is set up properly or which merchandise is attracting the most customers. Returns are a critical moment for customer service, but are also a high risk transaction for loss, so many of our customers have reports to make sure returns are issued properly.”

The biggest change enabled by Envysion’s video driven BI? Employee behavior.

“I think the most common thing is changing employee behavior,” Perez says. “Your front-line employees are the most important part of sales conversion, increasing basket size and providing a great customer experience. By knowing where an employee needs sales coaching or additional training, our customers have been able to take their store performance to the next level.

“At the same time, they are able to determine those employees who are causing losses – whether intentionally or by innocent mistake – and take the appropriate corrective action to protect the store’s profitability.”

To learn more about Envysion and Video-Driven BI, please contact:

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Testimonials from Envysion clients:

“Envysion’s video-integrated exception reports enable us to make better decisions about our stores. We have been able to build certain exception reports aligned with sales metrics that we track per store. Using these reports, we were able to identify that one store was way under quota in a very important sales metric: the AT&T Hotspot data plan. Envysion allowed us to examine the staff sales processes, and we determined that retraining was needed in that location. Within a month of finding the issue using Envysion, the store was outperforming all of our other stores in offering AT&T Hotspot data plans, and remains atop the charts in performance and profitability.”

- Anita Denboske, President, Active Communications
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“We require stores to do night drops with a local bank. We check the amount of deposits being reported with what shows up at the bank, but the amounts may be different. Now we are able to log in and watch the store in question… Sometimes it’s obvious the individual is trying to figure out why the totals are different. Sometimes they count the money but don’t put enough effort into determining where the discrepancy came from. It’s the same when some people forget to clock out. We can now look at the video and see if they’re helping a customer [beyond regular store hours]. I do think we have increased profitability because we’ve been able to control costs as a result of the video.”

- Kevin MacDonald, Controller, Wireless Express
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