Elavon Whitepaper: EMV is the Future of Payments

Apr 29, 2014 — Beth Wanner

Elavon, an iQmetrix payment processing partner, has released a whitepaper detailing the exciting changes that EMV adoption will bring to the U.S. payment industry.

In light of recent data breaches, EMV will be big in retail in 2015.

Elavon predicts that "over the next few years, EMV will act as a springboard for the implementation of a wide-range of innovative value-added smart card applications. These applications will, in turn, provide a world of exciting possibilities for consumers, merchants and payment services providers alike."

In light of recent high-profile customer data breaches affecting the likes of Target and Neiman Marcus, retailer adoption of EMV technology is believed to be a necessary step in protecting consumers’ sensitive payment information from future breaches.


Download the whitepaper


Topics: Privacy, Retail Operations, Mobile Industry

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