Daily Dose of iQ: When to Buy based on Price, Model?

Jun 20, 2011 — Nancy Yu Wen Sun

On Lifehacker.com today, I came across a cool new shopping website called Decide.com.

The Decide.com concept is really simple: It helps you identify when you can get the best deal on a given electronic product based on previous price history and when a new model is expected for launch. Currently, the site is tracking laptops, flatscreen TVs and digital SLR cameras. There is also an option to vote for a new product category.

Many of us rely on friends and various vendor sites to figure out when to buy something. The part that's missing, however, is knowing when the next version is coming out. In fact, there's a Best Buy commercial that makes fun of this phenomenon, which means it's perfectly normal for people to shell out big bucks for something, only to see a new version come out immediately after.

Decide.com provides all the information you need at a glance, saving you months of researching and waiting for a product. This website shows all the decision making factors in a single page and displays link to where you can buy it. The idea is simple and informative, and makes you wonder why nobody else has done it before.

There are so many different types of e-commerce sites, but the objective of this site can be broken down to one thing: Timing. Should you buy now or wait? One outcome for every user. The site doesn't offer any additional deals, coupons or even advertisments that distract from the central task. One problem, though: Decide.com doesn't allow you to compare products. It only provides information relevant to the timing of your purchase decision. Nevertheless, Decide.com offers valuable information and is a breeze to use. Check it out!

Topics: Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, e-Commerce

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