Daily Dose of iQ: Walmart's Fishing Ad is On-Demand Mobile Advertising

Apr 29, 2013 — Allan Pulga

If you're a fisherman excitedly gearing up for the spring season, you're likely checking your smartphone weather app for a nice weekend to head to the lake.

This is exactly what Walmart is hoping, as Rimma Kats of Mobile Commerce Daily reported today.

"The company is running the campaign within The Weather Channel’s iPhone application," she wrote. "Walmart has used mobile advertising in the past to educate consumers about making purchases via its mobile offerings."

This is convenient and targeted -- it drives online and in-store sales.

You can see the sequence through the screenshots in the above photo. It's pretty clever. In the small box, you can see the bottom banner that pops up on the weather app screen: "Reel in great fishing brands at great prices." When the user clicks on the ad, he/she is taken to the second screen: a clickable arrangement of fishing gear. The third screen is what you get if you select one of the featured items.

This is convenient and targeted, and drives either online or (as evidenced by the blue option in the top right: "Find my store") in-store sales conversions.

Speaking of on-demand marketing, McKinsey published a lengthy article in its April 2013 issue on the topic: "The coming era of on-demand marketing." In a nutshell, the article examines the connections between marketing content, mobile apps, NFC, location, social media, personalization and consumer needs. Mobile is the connective tissue that unites all of these elements.

Walmart is removing friction from the shopping process when and were people need it.

Another article we came across today, was also on this topic -- this one from Fast Company: "5 Ways to Thrive During Marketing's Seismic Shift to Mobile." This article also cited Walmart as a leader in the mobile marketing space: "Walmart is removing friction from the shopping process when and were people need it," wrote Scott Kveton.

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