Daily Dose of iQ: Walmart Undercuts Amazon Prime

May 14, 2015 — Allan Pulga

Yesterday (May 13), The Information broke the story that Wal-Mart is launching a subscription fast-shipping service -- codenamed "Tahoe" -- to rival Amazon prime.

This development is undoubtedly related to the new fulfillment centers we heard the company was building, last week.

We've heard from customers (that) they want shopping that's predictable and affordable.Ravi Jariwala, Wal-Mart Spokesman

RetailWire reported Tahoe will be priced at $50 per year for unlimited shipping, compared to Amazon Prime's $99 per year price tag.

Meanwhile, TechCrunch spoke to Wal-Mart spokesman Ravi Jariwala about Tahoe, who said, “One of things that we’ve heard from customers is that they want shopping that’s predicable and they want it to be affordable. [This test is] really to understand is this yet another new way that we can serve customers?,” he says.

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