Daily Dose of iQ: Verizon Opens New Flagship Store at Mall of America

Nov 21, 2013 — Allan Pulga

On Tuesday (Nov. 19), Verizon announced its newest flagship store, dubbed the "Verizon Destination Store," at Minneapolis' Mall of America.

And what a destination it is: The store spans nearly 10,000 square feet and from the launch video (seen below), the company is -- as did the AT&T flagship store opened in the summer of 2012 -- focusing less on mobile phones and more on the "mobile lifestyle."

The new store focuses less on mobile phones and more on the 'the mobile lifestyle.'

Verizon has zeroed in on five "interactive Lifestyle Zones" to allow customers to "engage with specialists and experience wireless gadgets, apps and tech gear," more specifically: 1. Sports and fitness, 2. Music, 3. Gaming, 4. Home (e.g. monitoring and energy management) and 5. Business ("Anywhere Business, for the mobile professional and entrepreneur").

"The Verizon Destination Store is part of a broader initiative that includes the redesign of Verizon Wireless’ more than 1,700 retail stores throughout the country," wrote the company in a statement (Nov. 19). "Called 'Smart Stores,' the newly designed locations showcase the same mobile lifestyle zones as the Verizon Destination Store on a smaller scale."

Verizon Wireless chief operating officer Marni Walden told USA Today (Nov. 19) the company plans to open similar Destination Stores next year in Chicago and Houston. "We like the fact that we started in middle America," she said.

Verizon's new fleet of stores puts an added emphasis on the overall phone shopping experience.

Verizon says these stores introduce new ways of making shopping for mobile devices easier, more convenient and more personalized:

  • Tablet-equipped staff: "Solution, education and experience specialists in all company-owned stores now use tablets, which enable them to spend more time with customers."
  • Recommendations based on purchasing history: "Verizon Wireless’ new online store uses a discovery engine that allows it to recommend products that may be of interest based on past purchases a customer has made."
  • Omnichannel shopping integration: "The company is also integrating its systems to provide a unified experience to customers whether they shop online, in stores or through telesales. In the future, a shared cart will let Verizon Wireless representatives in a store pick up the conversation with a customer after they’ve shopped online, making the interaction more streamlined and personalized."
  • Also: The new stores introduce in-store pickup of online orders and same-day delivery in five major cities so far.

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