Daily Dose of iQ: Trendwatching.com's 'Retail Renaissance'

Sep 14, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Trendwatching.com has compiled a list of the latest developments in retail around the world, "from Oxford Street to Nanjing Road."

Trendwatching identifies four drivers of the current "Retail Renaissance," identifying how retailers are overcoming challenges like financial crises and consumer boredom to "satisfy conusmers' deep rooted needs for human contact, for instant gratification, for the promise of (shared) experiences, for telling stories. Hence the flurry of new formats, technologies, capabilities, and products that now are delighting retail customers around the world."

The four drivers are:

  1. OFF=ON: How the benefits of shopping online can now be had offline by consumers too.
  2. RETAIL SAFARI: How experiences still rule.
  3. INSTANT STATUS FIX: How shopping in the real world delivers instant status gratification in a way that online (still) can’t.
  4. CITYSUMERS: The future of consumerism is urban, and urban culture is retail culture. On a global level.

What's even more impressive is the cornucopia of real-world examples Trendwatching provides (20 in all) of these four drivers. You really have to take a look at the full post to understand the depths to which Trendwatching went in putting together this column. It's remarkable.

Here are the 20 examples:

  1. Bringing the best of online to the real world
  2. Be everywhere: offline and online
  3. Tailored in-store information
  4. Buy online, pick up offline
  5. Pricing pandemonium
  6. Rewarding visits
  7. Hyperlocal deals
  8. More than a store
  9. All of the world's a shop
  10. Tryvertising
  11. Please DO touch the merchandise
  12. Trying out first
  13. In-store classes
  14. In-store exhibitions
  15. Pop-up 4.1
  16. Limited locations
  17. Co-branded stores
  18. Tribetailing
  19. Status stor(i)es
  20. Next & more

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, Retail Marketing

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