Daily Dose of iQ: Transport Hubs Focus of Aussie Retail Development

May 29, 2015 — Allan Pulga

We've blogged in the past about Amazon wanting to convert London Underground ticket booths into pickup locations for online orders.

Australian retailers are also considering expanding shopping options (real stores, not e-commerce pickup exactly) at transport hubs.

"Larger cities, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, among other hot regions, have extensive subterranean malls that hug the underground train systems, as commuters escape the heat," wrote The Age's Carolyn Cummins (May 26). "In colder regions the same is true, as shoppers head underground to avoid snow."

There is a boom for transport oriented developments (TODs) in Australia, which can help major cities address challenges related to rapid urbanisation.

Australian shopping centre owners have followed this trend, reversing traditional habits and putting luxury items and fashion in the basement level to capture pedestrian commuters. Developments like these are known as "transport oriented developments" or TODs, and according to CRBE agents, there is a boom for them right now in Australia.

"In Sydney, there is the 'ant track' which extends from Town Hall station, through the basement level of the Queen Victoria Building (pictured above) to Sydney Central Plaza and up to Pitt Street Mall," Cummins wrote.

CBRE regional director, structured transactions and advisory services, Wayne Redman, said TOD projects can help major cities in developed ecomonies address challenges related to rapid urbanisation.

"A successful TOD will achieve a substantial shift from private vehicles to public transport, while improving livability and local employment opportunities," Redman said to Cummins. "While TOD projects are more complex than conventional brownfield or greenfield mixed-use projects, the benefits clearly warrant the effort in addressing the challenges.

"Government facilitation is critical and can take a number of forms, including the provision and rezoning of appropriate sites, providing development certainty, directly funding transport infrastructure and co-ordinating issues with the relevant authorities."

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