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Aug 02, 2012 — Allan Pulga

eBay most popular shopping app; mobile shoppers spend most time on Shopkick app

According to a June 2012 Nielsen survey of 5,000 U.S. Android and iPhone users, just over 50% of them have used a shopping app on their phones, reportedTechCrunch's Ingrid Lunden today.

Nielsen also found:

  • Respondents used these shopping apps an average of 17 times per month.
  • Not surprisingly, the most popular shopping apps are those with the strongest online presence: eBay, Amazon and Groupon (with 13.2M, 12.1M and 12M unique users respectively).
  • For most time spent on the app, Shopkick (ranked 5th with approx. 7M unique users) was the top shopping app: Respondents averaged over 3 hours of use per month.
  • The next most-used app in the study was eBay, used an average of 1 hour per month.

Mobile shoppers spend more money than traditional shoppers

Meanwhile, a recent Greystripe study found that people who shop via mobile devices are less price sensitive than people who don't shop via phone or tablet, wrote George Anderson of RetailWire.com yesterday (Aug. 1).

Greystripe also found:

  • When looking up product info, 37% of mobile shoppers visit a website or app compared to 28% of traditional shoppers.
  • 71% of mobile shoppers redeem retailer coupons versus 94% of traditional shoppers.
  • 49% of mobile shoppers regularly write product reviews versus 31% of traditional shoppers.

Mobile key to back-to-school retail success

Finally, Austin-based Acquity Group is predicting mobile will play a key role in back-to-school retail success, reported Lauren Johnson of Mobile Commerce Daily today.

“Mobile will be an extremely influential driver of back-to-school retail success on a number of fronts,” said Scott Forshay, mobile and emerging technologies strategist for Acquity Group, Austin, TX.

Forshay says campaigns via SMS, mobile email and in-app notifications (whether scheduled or location-based) will help retailers drive store traffic during the busy back-to-school period.

He also predicts that mobile sites and branded apps will enable m-commerce sales, mobile pre-purchase research, as well as drive more in-store sales.

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