Daily Dose of iQ: The Magnum Pleasure Hunt - A Delicious Interactive Web Experience

Sep 07, 2011 — Jerome Valdez

Take a few minutes and visit pleasurehunt.mymagnum.com to see the interactive web game created in flash for Magnum ice cream bars, by Swedish ad agency Lowe Brindfors.

Launched in April (but we just saw it for the first time, today), the game allows you to control the Magnum girl using your keyboard, making her leap across "the Internet" and collect chocolate bon bons on sponsors' website landing pages.

The incredibly rich visuals and engaging interactivity provide the immediate hooks. And although a flash microsite game is nothing new, the production value that seemed to go into the campaign is really high. From the movement of the character through the game, the backdrop of all of the different websites, and the length of the game script, it is clear that this campaign took a large production effort.

From a marketing standpoint, it seems to hit the demographic bullseye. Aimed at active, young, urban females with a taste for the finer things. The sites that  the character runs through include upscale hotels, spa retreats, safari adventures, jewelry and clothing sites, Saab, and trendy music sites. The selected sites never feel out of place considering the woman in the game.

From a user experience standpoint, it works because of the familiarity of the interactions and interface. The sites should look and feel familiar to those within the target demographic. Meanwhile, the easy Mario-Brothers-style gameplay with simple running and jumping along the horizontal axis should also feel familiar to those of a certain age.

If there are flaws, they are few. I would change the length of the game. It runs a bit longer (by about 2-3 websites/screens) than it needs to. Plus, the payoff at the end could be more than the 'points' earned in the game. Ideally, the player gets a coupon for a Magnum Bar.

The big lessons here:

  • Know the demographic and where their tastes and experiences extend beyond your own product.
  • Keep interactions familiar and simple for microsites, keeping the required learning to a minimum.
  • Ice cream bars are fun to sell.

Topics: Mobile Industry, Customer Experience

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