Daily Dose of iQ: The Galileo iOS Camera/FaceTime Device is So Cool

Apr 19, 2012 — Clayton Caswell

By far the coolest device I've seen all week, the Galileo iOS connects to your iPhone and allows you to control the field of view using your iPad or other iOS device for versatile photo/video capture and FaceTime conversations.

According to the product profile on Kickstarter.com, the Galileo is "capable of inifite 360° pan-and-tilt at speeds up to 200° per second in any orientation."

Watch the video below to see it in action:

Revolutionary: The Galileo is a great example of how smartphones are pervading all aspects of your life: the images and movies we record and the virtual face-to-face communication we enjoy with friends and loved ones. More importantly, each of us gets to use our devices in our own way. A hand drill has a function, but very few points of negotiation. Smartphones are becoming functionally amorphous and Galileo exemplifies their seemingly limitless versatility.

Practical: Just from the video alone you can see this product escaping the trappings of a specific demographic or hobby group. Slide it under your car to find a leak, watch your children play in the backyard (from your office), interact with relatives in real time -- not just when an appointment is made for them to come over and visit. 

This device opens the opportunity for people to share experiences in real time, rather than getting the typical “Oh I have to tell what happened the other day” conversations.

I could have my father in Swift Current, Saskatchewan virtually slide under my car to help me figure out what’s wrong with it. Think: dishwasher repair, plumbing problem diagnosis, anything that you phone people for their advice before you call an expert in. 

Mainstream appeal? The Galileo is as mainstream as a GoPro Hero Cam. As mainstream as $700 Fish Eye lenses for SLR Cameras. Security Companies could put one of these on a remote control platform and patrol massive areas in a warehouse, along a border, large industrial compounds.

And it's not too expensive either: The device retails for $129.95. (You can also purchase one by pledging $85 on Kickstarter.com.)

The Galileo demo video is simply jaw-dropping. We'll have to wait and see if its appeal will put it in homes and businesses near you.

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