Daily Dose of iQ: Tesco QR Code Shopping Takes Off in Korea

Aug 26, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Back in June, Tesco made headlines worldwide, with their innovative virtual store in a Korean subway station. The concept was both futuristic and practical: Allow people to scan QR codes for grocery items, using their smartphones, on their busy commute. And when they get home, Tesco delivers these items directly to their doors.

Tesco, through its Korean subsidiary Home plus, arranged the "virtual shelves" on the massive digital screens exactly as they stock their actual store shelves, making the experience familiar and easy to navigate (see the video below):

Now, as Roger at 2d-code.co.uk reported (Aug. 25), the concept has become a reality.

"The new Tesco store (see image above) trialing for a period of three months to capture response and gauge interest, is located in the arrivals hall of the Seonreung subway station also located in Seoul," he writes.

"Commuters can scan their groceries using the QR Codes and the Tesco Homeplus app on their way to work in the morning and if their order is placed before 1 p.m., their items will be delivered home that same evening."

I'm interested to see how the trial goes and if other retailers in other countries adopt the virtual store concept. Something worth keeping an eye on!

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry

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