Daily Dose of iQ: Teen Vogue Looks at How Millennials Shop Over Holidays

Dec 15, 2014 — Allan Pulga

New stats from Teen Vogue show that in spite of growing e-commerce sales across the board, the mall is still central to millennials' Christmas shopping.

"For the millennial shopper—especially the 16- to 26-year-old segment—the mall remains the most important part of the overall omnichannel shopping story," says Jason Wagenheim, VP and Publisher of Teen Vogue. "While she's definitely shopping more online and through mobile than in years prior, the brick-and-mortar experience still greatly matters."

Millennials are obviously more interested in the social act of shopping than people of other age groups.

Teen Vogue found that 65% of young people polled have/will do the majority of their holiday shopping in-store versus online (35%).

On Black Friday, 51% shopped in-store versus online (24%), while 36% shopped online on Cyber Monday.

The top three reasons why respondents prefer the mall:

  1. I like to see the products I'm thinking about buying in person (75%).
  2. I like to hang out with my friends (44%).
  3. It's a great place for me to bond with my mom (37%).

Despite the social assumptions, the number-one reason millennials go to the mall is to see desired products in person.

Why they look forward to going to the mall during the holidays:

  1. Store decorations and window displays (75%)
  2. The music (53%)
  3. Collecting festive shopping bags (46%)

Respondents created their holiday wish lists by browsing online (87%), reading magazines (65%), and walking through the mall (61%). Wish lists consist of:

  1. Clothing (67%)
  2. Shoes (54%)
  3. Makeup (53%)
  4. Accessories (46%)
  5. Tech (45%)

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