Daily Dose of iQ: Startup Lets Retailers Market via iBeacon, Wi-Fi, GPS

Apr 30, 2014 — Larissa Hsia

VentureBeat reported yesterday (April 29) on a Toronto-based startup called Aislelabs, a marketing automation tool designed to help retailers build real-time digital marketing campaigns for in-store deployment.

Aislelabs' goal is to allow retailers to connect these campaigns with their existing online marketing campaigns in major systems such as Salesforce (Pardot), Adobe, Oracle, SAP, and Marketo.

AislelabsFlow is designed to help retailers build real-time digital marketing campaigns for in-store deployment.

As VentureBeat's John Koetsier writes, Aislelabs' product (AislelabsFlow) uses iBeacons, Wi-Fi and GPS to track customers as they go through the store, providing analytics to help retailers improve store design and in-store marketing.

Ultimately, the benefit to the customer is the data that is gathered should make shopping easier and more convenient.

Similar to the Loblaws PC Plus program, a retailer could prompt discounts for jeans as you are shopping for jeans or know a customer bought three pairs of slim jeans during her last 3 visits. The retailer could point out the aisle where slim jeans are located, etc. -- personalizing the experience and making it faster for the customer.

Imagine walking into IKEA and having an app tell you the exact aisle and bin where a desired item is located. iBeacons, Wi-Fi and GPS could enable that.

This is where the iBeacons, Wi-Fi and GPS can all come together and improve the shopping experience overall.

Imagine being in IKEA and all you want is that coat stand you saw online. What if you could open up your app and be taken to the exact aisle and bin where it is located? How many happy IKEAers would there be? iBeacons and GPS could mean locating that missing piece of inventory that no one seems to know the location of… or knowing that a customer has been lingering in an aisle for a long time and may need help.

The future is already here and the combo of all three technologies will only make things better for both the consumer and retailer.

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