Daily Dose of iQ: Starbucks' Interactive Storefront is Delightful but not Meaningful

Oct 24, 2011 — Anne Forkutza

In an effort to promote its new "My Starbucks Rewards" program, Starbucks unveiled four interactive storefronts in Toronto and Vancouver last week.

The storefront experience, developed by BBDO, Blast Radius and The Media Merchants lets passersby reveal rewards by touching the gold stars that appear on the store window's animated display (see below video).

Starbucks Interactive Storefront from The Media Merchants on Vimeo.

I think it's great that this interactive piece makes use of the Starbucks Stars. It's extremely responsive and the interaction is surprising and delightful. A few of us went to the local Starbucks just down the street from our office in Vancouver and found it extremely intuitive to touch the screen and engage with the stars.

However, we felt the experience could be made more meaningful to consumers. After playing around with the interactive storefront, there is this feeling of "So what?"

It's not personalized. If a particular user touches a star and sees the "free coffee" promotion, he or she does not get a free coffee. It's essentially a glorified billboard.

Content is always king. In this case, it would be a matter of ensuring the content that you're presenting to your customers is of value to them. If the "free coffee" promotion that showed up on the interactive Storefront had a QR code on it -- whereby users could snap the QR code and download a free coffee coupon on their mobile device and redeem it in-store -- even better.

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