Daily Dose of iQ: Staples, RadioShack Remove Amazon Lockers from Stores

Sep 19, 2013 — Allan Pulga

Bloomberg reported yesterday (Sept. 18) that Staples and RadioShack are pulling out their in-store Amazon delivery lockers.

RadioShack says it ended the partnership because it no longer fit with its strategy. Its strategy being, of course, to avoid partnerships that aid RadioShack's direct competitors (in this case, Amazon). Duh.

I opened this story for discussion among my co-workers. Here are their reactions:

  • Evan Bashir, R&D Developer: "I think they made a smart move, having the Amazon lockers doesn't improve their business. Staples and RadioShack likely don't carry products being bought by Amazon Locker users –- they already buy everything online… from Amazon."

7-Eleven is a natural fit for Amazon Lockers because a user could easily buy a bag of chips on the way out.

  • Angel Cheung, Jr. Business Analyst: "It just doesn't make sense to house a competitor right in your store. If people are accustomed to ordering off Amazon, I'm not sure they'd be willing to 'switch brands' and buy something from Staples.

    "I think Amazon Lockers inside 7-Elevens make more sense because a) both things are about convenience, and b) they are not direct competitors, so someone picking up a package from Amazon could easily purchase a bag of chips or a can of pop on the way out.

    "Other companies to partner with could be grocery stores where people could pick up packages, while shopping for groceries. Amazon does sell groceries too, so this might not be a good idea depending on how many/where people buy their groceries off Amazon."

The trick is to place lockers where people are already going, out of convenience.

  • Joan Gurney, Jr. Interaction Architect: "Partnering with any store that people associate with some sort of convenience factor seems like ideal target. For me places like 7-Eleven, Staples or London Drugs would make sense because they are generally quite convenient and I would likely end up picking up a few extra things while I'm there anyway.

    "I think the trick is to place lockers in locations where people will already be going and where they can grab a few other day-to-day items from their shopping list en route."

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