Daily Dose of iQ: Sprint Allows Customers to Add Boku Payments to Their Phone Bill

May 03, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Mobile payments company Boku announced a billing partership with Sprint today.

"(The agreement) allows Sprint customers to charge online purchases to their Sprint wireless bill through a two-step authorization process," wrote Leena Rao of TechCrunch.

We've blogged about Boku in the past (see Three-Pronged Approach) -- they seem to have their hands in everything related to mobile payments. This deal with Sprint, however, is significant because it gives the company direct billing partnership with the Big Four U.S. carriers, including Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

"Sprint customers will be able to make purchases online from Boku’s merchant network of Web-based gaming companies, social networks and service providers," Rao added. "Boku’s mobile payments system on Sprint includes partners such as Electronic Arts, Riot Games, Jagex, Stardoll, Kingisle and Gaia."

Google Play also adds carrier billing for music, movies and books

Yesterday, Google also announced that customers can pay for Google Play content on their their mobile phone bills.

All of the Big Four have Google Play billing integration... except for Verizon, who is, as Terrence O'Brien of Engadget writes, "conspicuously absent from the whole shebang."

He explains: "According to Google's posting about the move, Sprint will soon be offering the option to pay for movies, books and movies purchased through Big G's market along side your voice and data plan. For T-Mobile subscribers that means both apps and content can simply be added to your tab, while AT&T is sticking with carrier billing for apps only at the moment."

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