Daily Dose of iQ: Smartphone Demographics Across the U.S.

Sep 23, 2011 — Allan Pulga

The Atlantic has put together a really cool interactive map of the U.S. that allows you to click on variables to see their geographic dominance.

The map lets you compare smartphone operating systems against each other by state: iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry.

"Cell-phone makers have not had the same level of success in every state," writes Rebecca J. Rosen, associate editor at The Atlantic. "iPhones sell really well in Oregon and Louisiana, not as well in Idaho and Florida. Phones loaded with Google's Android operating system are doing great in California, but not as well in Michigan."

It gets even more interesting when you click on more than one variable. Rosen recommends selecting one smartphone OS and any pair of opposing variables (e.g. Caucasian vs. Minority, Youngest vs. Oldest, etc.).

In the above example, I clicked on "Phone: Android" (diagonal stripes), "Age: Youngest" (bright green)  and "Age: Oldest" (gray).

The map shows that Android phones have a distinct presence in "younger" states (where the median age is 36.6 or younger). The only "older" states (where the median age is 38.8 or older) in which Android dominates are Ohio, Delaware and Florida.

Give it a shot. I think you'll be impressed.

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