Daily Dose of iQ: 'Smart Lock' Device and App Makes Letting Friends In Easy

May 30, 2013 — Cheryl Chung

Your friends are coming to visit you from out of town today. They arrive while you're at work and typically they'd have to come to your office to get your key and get into your apartment. But with the new Smart Lock from August (pictured above), those days are over.

"The keyless entry system connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth—the low energy kind—-allowing you to control who gets to come or go, straight from your phone or desktop," wrote Peter Ha of Gizmodo (May 29).

August seems to have thought of everything with this new Smart Lock and app. The Bluetooth proximity unlocking feature is awesome (e.g. when you come home with bags of groceries). And the fact that you can still use your key if the batteries die, is of course, essential.

Installing technology like the Smart Lock at retail stores could help prevent a lot of employee theft.

The Smart Lock is indicative of a larger trend in mobile: The Internet of Things, or Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology. Experts predict these types of experiences will become more commonplace.

Just as with the TV remote control, the development of M2M technology simply makes everyday tasks easier and frees us to spend our time and attention on other, more important things. These types of developments are very exciting.

What about for retailers? It makes a lot of sense to install technology like the Smart Lock at retail stores. If the software is hooked-up with the staffing/scheduling software, store owners can easily control who has access to the back room and the hours during which they have access. This will likely prevent a lot of employee theft, for example.

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