Daily Dose of iQ: REVOLVE Clothing Offering Same-Day Delivery to Coachella Music Festival

Apr 08, 2015 — Joan Gurney

The annual Coachella Music and Arts Festival is taking place in Indio, Calif. over the next two weekends (April 9-12 and 16-19) and the event is a place to see and be seen for young people from all over the world.

So it should come as no surprise that a clothing brand, called REVOLVE Clothing, is advertising same-day delivery of its goods to buyers attending the festival.

It will be interesting to see if REVOLVE will have specific pickup locations or if they plan to connect with buyers on the festival grounds.

“Festival season is huge with our customer. Our girl is thinking about festival season months in advance,” said Mike Karanikolas, co-CEO of REVOLVE, to Forbes' Alicia Adamczyk. “Festival season’s becoming more and more important across the country, it’s a fashion event in its own right.”

REVOLVE claims that up to 20% of their sales are generated from what it deems "festival appropriate attire." Part of the brand focuses on the lifestyle of festival attendees and this same-day delivery concept certainly reflects that. Many of the people who attend these events are fashion oriented, so delivering new clothes and accessories directly to them at the event makes sense. They can see someone wearing something they like, and if it's a REVOLVE item, they can buy it and pick it up that very day.

It’s not entirely clear how REVOLVE will actually connect with the individuals at the festival. They will supposedly be delivering products to “Coachella Valley and the surrounding areas” during festival weekends. It will be interesting to see if they have specific pickup locations or whether they plan to connect with individuals directly on the festival grounds.

I think this is an excellent approach to creating a buzz about REVOLVE at Coachella and across its target audience.

This is obviously a marketing ploy, which has already worked in that it got REVOLVE coverage in Forbes. Its ultimate goal is to generate buzz about REVOLVE at Coachella itself, of course, and I think this is an excellent approach.

It makes the consumer feel connected to the brand and, in exchange, the brand gets publicity and advertisement. People wearing the brand at the festival site will be taking photos, posting on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter… the consumers will take care of the social aspect and all REVOLVE has to do is deliver some clothes to Coachella. It’s a relatively minimal effort for what could be a very high publicity outcome. I would be really curious to see how many orders and deliveries are made during the festival weekends.

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