Daily Dose of iQ: Pop-Up Stores Go Mainstream in 2014

Jan 02, 2014 — Allan Pulga

Pop-up stores are something we've previously blogged about and will continue to blog about -- they're an increasingly important retail/brand experience in high-traffic markets.

Today, POPAI published an interesting behind-the-scenes look at the pop-up store, interviewing a number of marketing companies that create pop-up stores for a variety of brands.

Some highlights below:

What is a pop-up store?

"A pop-up store is a temporary retail location that offers a specialized shopping experience," wrote POPAI's Katie Garton Desir. "These types of stores are typically made when a brand wants to test the waters of having a permanent store, market a new product or line in a special way, or promote special collaborations for a seasonal campaign."

A pop-up store is a fresh and unique take on a brand's shopping experience.

What's the appeal?

"Since Pop-ups are temporary stores that only last anywhere from one day to five weeks, brands, retailers, and agencies can try anything in the space and see how their shoppers respond to it," Desir wrote.

"Pop-ups can draw in new shoppers and make old shoppers more loyal. No matter what, a Pop-up will tell you who your shoppers are and who they can be by offering your stores in a new location. They provide a space where you can test new displays, new environments and new sales strategies."

Pop-ups can draw in new shoppers and make old shoppers more loyal.

Who's involved?

"Generally, brands, retailers, advertising agencies, brand marketers, and producers are the masterminds of these specialized retail locations," Desir explained.

  • Brand marketers: "Brand marketers such as MKG are contacted by brands with certain goals and they have to come up with solutions."
  • Producers: "Producers are the people who make the displays interactive and unforgettable. Two companies who are experienced with pop-ups are InnoMark Communications, proud POPAI members, and PERCH Interactive."

Pop-up stores make a brand come to life.

Why are pop-up stores increasing in popularity?

"In today’s age, we are fighting for shoppers to come into stores because of online offers, but pop-up stores are effective in delivering a different experience," Desir wrote. "They make the brand come to life."

Two days ago, we blogged about large U.S. retailers' inability to capture the fascination of 2013 holiday shoppers because their stores and shopping experiences are indistinguishable. Pop-up stores are an obvious remedy for that -- they are, by definition, a fresh and unique take on a brand, its products and its shopping experience.

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