Daily Dose of iQ: Pinterest Partners with Shopify to Integrate E-Commerce

Jul 23, 2014 — Allan Pulga

On Monday (July 21), we blogged about the Facebook "Buy" button, which will allow users to buy desired items directly from the social media site.

Also on Monday, TechVibes reported that Pinterest has partnered with Ottawa-based Shopify to offer on-site purchasing as well.

"The popular social network, whose visual interface lends itself to product showcasing, has reached an agreement with Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify," wrote TechVibes' Knowlton Thomas.

At the moment, Pinterest feels like a better e-commerce fit than Facebook. Its users are in more of a "buying mood."

"The agreement will see eligible Shopify possess 'rich pins,' which will make it 'easier for Pinners to discover things they like and purchase from those stores directly,' according to Pinterest."

As I mentioned in my blog post about the Facebook Buy button, Facebook has some work to do in converting its predominantly social (i.e. creeping) audience into active buyers.

Pinterest feels like a better e-commerce fit because its audience is presumably in more of a "buying mood": It's been widely reported that 80% of its users are female, "pinning" all kinds of stuff they like, and particularly clothing, footwear, recipes, crafts and interior décor items.

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