Daily Dose of iQ: Phone Charging Kiosks at Airports

May 09, 2011 — Allan Pulga

Christopher Hall of Digital Signage Today reported (May 6) on a new type of mobile phone-charging kiosk that displays digital signage advertising in airports.

The kiosks, located in Hudson News airport bookstores, “allow airport shoppers to lock up their phones to charge for free while they go shopping, but they also serve as an engagement platform for advertising aimed at the attractive customer usually found in airports – educated and affluent shoppers – according to Ron Bowers, senior vice president for business development at Frank Mayer & Associates,” wrote Hall.


Frank Mayer & Associates has teamed up with KEOConnect to launch these interactive kiosks, which are branded as “KEO kiosks,” across the U.S. Hudson News airport chain.

This type of service is interesting to us at iQ, and especially those of us working on the XQ Interactive Retail platform, because it touches two of our end users: 1) mobile phone buyers and 2) retailers interested in using digital signage advertising in their stores.

Like XQ, the KEO booth provides a service to shoppers (KEO charges your phone; XQ lets you browse for phones) while allowing the retailer to display information about products and services and engage with customers at the point of sale.

I’m curious to see how Frank Mayer & Associates, KEO and Hudson News will work together to create and refresh advertising content on the KEO kiosk screens, since content creation and management are two of the biggest challenges in digital advertising.

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry, Retail Marketing

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