Daily Dose of iQ: nsquared's Seamless Use of Microsoft Technology

Sep 08, 2011 — Anne Forkutza

I recently came across a video demo from nsquared, a Microsoft partner in Australia that perfectly showcases a multi-channel experience.

In the demo (which appears to be for an architectural firm), nsquared Director and Founder Neil Roodyn uses a Windows Phone to communicate with Surface, and moves on to Windows 7 (tablet), as well as to Kinect -- at each point, he reveals new controls for the experience and new dimensions to explore the blueprints on-screen.

It's a very futuristic demo, one that reveals some of the potential waiting to be unlocked using multi-channel, multi-platform technology.

It's also pretty lengthy (8 minutes in total), so here are the highlights:

  • 30 sec mark: Windows Phone talks to the Microsoft Surface. Setting the phone down on the Surface expands the phone message out onto the larger surface area.
  • 1:00 mark: Attachment from Windows Phone expands out as a document onto the Surface.
  • 1:45 mark: Tablet overlays Surface to show a complimentary (zoomed-in) view of the content displayed on the Surface.
  • 2:26 mark: Tablet now acts as a remote when interacting with the Kinect.
  • 6:50 mark: Shows a physical piece of paper being scanned into the Surface.
  • 7:15 mark: Experience comes full circle where user drags all Surface, Tablet, and Kinect content back onto the Windows Phone.

Topics: Wireless Trends, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience

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