Daily Dose of iQ: Not All In-Store Phone Behaviors Are Created Equal

May 14, 2012 — Allan Pulga

Consumers are definitely using their smartphones at an increasing rate to assist their in-store shopping. However, a new study from Nielsen indicates the shopping functions they're using on their phones vary according to store type.

The highlights:

  • Not surprisingly, mobile coupons are most popular at grocery stores (41%) -- see bottom graph in the above image. (Duh, actual coupons are most popular at grocery stores.)
  • Mobile coupons were also popular at department stores (41%) and clothing stores (39%).
  • Mobile coupons are not very popular at electronics stores (29%).
  • Popular activities at electronics stores: reading product reviews (73%) and scanning a QR code (57%) -- see top two graphs in above image.

These findings are welcome news to our XQ Interactive Retail team.

Our in-store XQ Interactive Retail solutions enable product discovery and comparison, and allow users to scan a QR code to receive a record of their browsing session -- the top two phone behaviors exhibited in electronics stores.

Ultimately, XQ is designed to offer the shopping experience consumers are seeking on their phones (and/or on mobile apps) on easy-to-use touchscreen displays in-store. Sales staff can also assist on these touchscreens to deliver an added level of service and information.

Offering this consistency and convenience across devices -- and across channels (online, mobile and in-store) -- is central to the omnichannel experience sought by consumers and retailers alike.

Topics: Retail Operations, Mobile Industry, Customer Experience, e-Commerce

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