Daily Dose of iQ: Nokia Turns Skyscraper into Smartphone at Deadmau5 Promo Event

Nov 29, 2011 — Chris Nicol

On Monday night, Nokia hired one of the biggest techno DJs in the world, Deadmau5, to promote its hot (and very first) Windows phone in London. The result was an electrifying barrage of light and sound... maybe that's what the Lumia 800 user experience is like. I wouldn't know. It hasn't yet come to North America. But the Lumia 900 may arrive on our side of the pond in the New Year...

Here's a video of the Nokia-Deadmau5 show, below:

My first reaction to the video was: “Thank God, someone is finally doing the platform of Windows Phone justice with a proper marketing."

I think it’s a splendid move by Nokia. They have a huge following within Europe, one that has been let down greatly in the last few years as the rest of the smartphone manufacturers have been speeding ahead with Android.

Nokia needed to show they not only supported this idea of moving to Windows Phone, but that they are back and proud of it! 

Take home message: There are times when you need to just get up and spend the money to WOW people, get them talking and show that you’re ready to pull out all the stops.

Nokia is renowned for making great devices and the Nokia Lumia is another example of this. But the difference is that Windows Phone is truly a sexy operating system that turns that great looking device into a functionally mouthwatering love fest of technology and software!

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