Daily Dose of iQ: No More Camping Out? Apple Intros Digital Queuing for New iPhones

Sep 11, 2014 — Allan Pulga

9to5Mac reported yesterday (Sept. 10) that Apple is revamping the purchase process for the iPhone 6 launch.

Previously, Apple devotees were given paper cards specifying the particular product they wished to buy (pictured above). These cards allowed stores to track product quantities and ensure people waiting in line would indeed get their desired product.

You still have to camp out, but once you get your Reservation Pass, you can leave and come back when you're ready to buy.

"According to training materials shared with Apple retail employees this morning, Apple will forgo the traditional paper cards and instead place customers in a virtual queue," wrote 9to5Mac.

The system, called "Reservation Pass," syncs store inventory information in real time, so Apple doesn't assign more reservations than phones. Customers receive their digital reservation card via SMS or email and are allowed to come back at any point during the day to make their purchase.

The catch is: You still have to camp out to get to the front of the line and get your Reservation Pass. The benefit: Once you have your Reservation Pass, you can leave the line and do other things before coming back to buy your reserved iPhone 6.

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